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Four cooking tips to reduce carcinogen production


Four cooking tips to reduce carcinogen production

Abstract: Inappropriate remedies can cause carcinogens, harm the human body, and increase the risk of cancer.

How to cure can reduce the production of carcinogens?

Look at the experts.

銆€銆€Our cooking methods often hide huge health hazards and have the potential for carcinogenicity. Some people like to eat fried fritters, oil cakes, oil cakes and other foods made from flour after high-temperature frying.Turned into a substance called benzopyrene.

Fried, smoked foods produce benzopyrene in the case of more than 200 high temperatures, and the content of benzopyrene is higher in the state of charring and scorching.

Benzopyrene is a primary carcinogen, and it has the same risk of cancer as the notorious dioxins and nicotine.

If cooking, the oil is burned extra, smoke, it will also produce benzopyrene, long-term consumption of such foods, easily lead to gastric cancer, intestinal cancer, liver cancer and so on.

In addition, many meats contain L-phenylalanine and Creatine. After being fried or grilled, the carcinogenic substance, the cyclic amine, produces colorectal cancer.

So how do we manage to reduce the production of carcinogens?

銆€銆€4 cooking tips to reduce carcinogen production1.

Control oil temperature, oil temperature rises during frying frying time, and the more toxic and carcinogenic substances produced.

It is ideal to control the temperature below 150 掳C during frying. At this time, there is little fumes, and when the food is thrown in, it will foam a lot, but it will not change color immediately.

If you have smoked a lot or the food is discolored too quickly, the temperature is too high.


In time to remove impurities in the oil, when fried foods, there are often small dregs or debris left in the pot, they undergo repeated repeated bombing, will turn black and sputum, produce a lot of harmful substances, once attached to the surface of the food,It can be harmful to health after eating.

Therefore, when frying food, prepare a small mesh fence or colander with a very fine mesh to remove the impurities in the oil.


The decoction method is a fuel-efficient and healthy supermarket. There are many semi-finished products wrapped in fried fry, such as chicken rice, chicken chops, etc. When processing such foods, do not hinder the abandonment of the frying method, try the decoction method.

The specific method is to put a little oil at the bottom of the pot, add a spoonful of water, use steam to soak the ingredients, steam, and after the water evaporates, the oil will fry the bottom of the ingredients.


After frying the dish, immediately after cooking the dish, you must first clean the pot and then fry the next dish. Because the black pot scale is repeatedly heated, it will produce carcinogens such as benzopyrene, which poses a threat to health.

In addition, after cooking, do not rush to close the range hood, it is best to continue for 10-20 minutes.