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11 tips for longevity

11 tips for longevity

Modern people have a fast-paced and stressful life. In this case, how to have a healthy body and live longer?

Russia recently published a book entitled “Extreme Limits of Humanity”, where author Mikhail Raduga has recommended 11 ways to live longer.


Quit bad habits, can you live longer?
10 years is enough to be able to get scientific proof, and there are many examples in life.

For example, people who are not addicted to tobacco and alcohol will definitely live longer than those who do not smoke and alcohol. The latter will look older and have persistent lung and liver problems.

Quitting smoking and non-smokers will always save you a lot of money. It will also allow you to live a few more years and use the saved money in a happy mood.


The body is not obese, can increase life 3?
In the past 10 years, some people have been very serious about eating and drinking, and many people are even willing to see a slight deposit on their bodies, thinking that this body shape is quite decent.

Especially some elderly people, their aesthetic views are very different.

For example, when someone was born in a war or drought, they particularly appreciated that oversized figure.

However, you should know that being overweight can easily cause a variety of diseases. The mystery of the longevity of the Spanish people shortens their lifespan. At that time you should understand the harm to you.


Regular physical examination can increase your life 3?
Although I haven’t felt sick or pained for 10 years, I should go to the hospital for a physical examination from an early age.

Especially the extra people live 10 years longer, and some even live 50 years longer.

Many people now die at a young age because of the timely detection of disease.

In fact, as long as it can be found in time, almost all diseases should be treatable, or their development can be slowed down.

If you don’t check up often, this is the equivalent of taking a bet on your body.

This is easier for adults and easier for older people.


Persevering in exercise can increase your life 2?
5 years of exercise is a panacea to delay aging.

According to the World Health Organization, a survey conducted in the United Kingdom and Denmark shows that moderate exercise every day, even household chores, can extend a person’s life 2?
5 years.

  Dr. Mark Danzo, WHO Regional Director for Europe, said: “Encouraging people to stay active every day has many benefits for good health.

Can reduce the risk of suffering from certain diseases and obesity; strengthen the body’s coordination, balance ability and strength; In addition, it is also great for mental health.

“He also said,” This method of improving human health is very economical.

“The World Health Organization is concerned that people are not aware of the results of this survey on exercise and health, so the organization will launch a related” exercise for health “program to increase public health awareness.

Dr Danzo said, “WHO recommends that adults should exercise at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day, and any exercise, including walking, cycling, playing, doing housework, climbing stairs, and playing sports.

This can not only make people live longer, but also enrich the content of life.

“He also pointed out that children should exercise for at least one hour a day.


Treating complex environments calmly can increase life for 2 to 5 years. I often hear people say that all diseases are related to the spirit, which is not groundless.
Some people have used mice to do experiments like this: after they grow up, they constantly scare them in a variety of non-repeating ways, such as flashing lights, noise of various frequencies, natural enemies, danger of death, and so on.

The results showed that mice that violated intimidation tended to extend their lives by 1/2?
1/3, and even after dissection, the physical traces of these threats can be found in the rat’s internal organs: twisted or contracted.

Too many people find similar situations when they feel their body changes.
Someone may suddenly turn white or lose their hair within a short period of time under a mentally overburdened condition.

If you can calmly deal with problems around you, you can become a longevity person.


A good environment to live, can you increase life 2?
Living in a virgin forest for 5 years is definitely not the same as living in a big city.

In fact, living in a city is very unfavorable: there are many vehicles, loud noise, poor air, and severe environmental pollution, which can easily cause people to suffer from various diseases and shorten their life span.
Therefore, as long as there are conditions, it is best to move to a place with a better ecological environment to live.


Can work longer without overloading 2?
For 5 years, Russians have been lazy.

After entering the era of market economy, they began to work hard, and many people gave up normal rest from morning to night.

If it is something you are willing to do, there is no big hindrance to your body, otherwise your body will quickly overdraw, just like an old machine that works every day will soon be scrapped.

Therefore, in order not to degenerate before aging, you should still work and rest adequately.


Paying regular attention to medical development can increase life 2?
5 years if penicillin is not yet known, will life expectancy be reduced by 10?
20 years.

There are still many people who are continually coming up with effective methods to ensure human health.

So we should always pay attention to the latest scientific inventions and creations, and armor can use these new technologies and products.


Staying charming can increase your life 2?
In 5 years you may think: the appearance of a person does not affect physical health.

This is wrong.

Because the overall image will always affect a person’s daily life, and will even affect life.

A person’s body is often subject to his own design.

If you think you are old and weak, you will be like this.

If you think you are young, jump on it, and be happy, Qian Xuesen’s longevity regimen will produce a mood that suits it.

It is very necessary to maintain personal charm and value the image.


Use your brain more to increase your life 2?
Such cases are often seen for 5 years; some people have stopped developing their intelligence after graduating from high school or university.

Too many 16-year-olds have not changed their minds for many years after graduating from high school, but they have more adult features.

If it is still the same after the age of 50, the possibility of Alzheimer’s disease after the age of 70 lies in size.

Therefore, you should use your brain to work more and develop your own intelligence.

The best way is to learn something by yourself or to master some science and language.

The main thing is to be able to read more literary works, especially some classical works.


You can increase your life by spending more time with young people?
If you are young for 3 years, interacting with an experienced and reasonable adult can make you look like an adult.

If you get older, dealing with lively and hot young people can make you younger.
Medications and illnesses are often the most frequent topics for older people.

Here’s a suggestion: It’s best to find some active and energetic peers, or simply join the young team.

To get close to young people, you just need to integrate their culture and find what you are interested in, some kind of art, music, film, etc., so that you will quickly find new friends who will not prematurely die.