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Child depressed parents responsible

Child depressed parents responsible

Too many parents seem to be helpless when facing their children, sighing again and again, “It’s really hard to bring a child now.”

I ‘m used to researching and diagnosing children ‘s mental health. Du Yasong, the director of the Youth Behavior Clinic of the Shanghai Psychological Counseling Center, also often thinks about this problem. Today, children have no worries about food and clothing.?

He thinks it has something to do with the education of the parents of the children.

  Children must reduce their burdens. Parents must increase their burdens. While the education industry has been reducing the burden on children’s education, many children still have depression and depression. Dr. Du believes that many children’s internal stresses are directly caused, and the source of this pressure often comes from parents.
  Therefore, in order to help children find psychological happiness, children must reduce the burden, parents must increase the burden.

  The key to reducing the burden of a child is to reduce its psychological burden; the key to increasing the burden of a parent is to strengthen the understanding of the child’s mental health.

When parents pay attention to their children’s ideological and moral qualities, psychological qualities, abilities and skills, they need to “burden” while paying attention to their children’s test scores.

  Don’t say bad things about your spouse in front of children. In reality, more and more children live in problem families and single-parent families. Among them, many children have the feeling of losing love, being abandoned, and being unsafe, so they are prone to depression and other psychological problems.obstacle.

  Experts especially remind that the rift between husband and wife must not affect parents’ love for their children.

Too many couples quarrel about each other’s bad words in front of their children, and even make them hate each other, which will hurt the child ‘s heart, because for the children, no matter what, one is a biological father, one is a biological mother, the child does notWilling to lose any one.

Therefore, if a couple’s relationship breaks down, they must choose divorce as a last resort. Parents should not consider their gains and losses selfishly. Instead, they should adopt restraint, reason, and calmness to tell the child that even if the parents were not together, the parents still care about him.love him.

Even if a stepfather or stepmother appears in the future, parents will still love him, let the children gradually accept this fact, and complete the psychological leap.

If handled properly, single-parent families can only count one more special experience for their children, and the psychological distortions will not be much affected.

  Do n’t easily judge that children ‘s early love and early love behaviors are rejected by psychologists, but what is also rejected by psychologists is the expansion of parents ‘early love, unreasonably treating pure friendship as love, and hurting children.

These parents regard early love as a beast of fierceness, and introduce colored glasses to interfere with their children’s legitimate interactions severely. In the face of their peers, they hurt their children’s self-esteem, causing their children to be tired of school, life, and depression.

  Children need to interact with children of similar ages, but when they reach puberty, children become curious about sex. This requires parents to give sex education correctly, and also requires parents to distinguish between love and friendship.

The difference between the two is that romance is exclusive, and friendship is not exclusive.

That means other things, two people together, mutually exclusive third party participation, which is accompanied by exclusivity, this is called romance; two people associate together, want others to participate, this is called friendship.

Therefore, no matter whether the child is in contact with a man or a woman, as long as it is not exclusive, it is called a healthy and good relationship, and parents must support it.

  How to make children happy education Dr. Du pointed out that the formation of children’s personalities has a lot to do with the parents’ early education.

If you want to make your child happy for life, parents must also be happy to educate from a young age.

  (1) Allowing the child to make his own choices is an important factor in developing his happy personality.

Of course, parents can’t take the lead on most things, but there are some things that let children make decisions.

  (2) Harmony with people and harmony with people is an important condition for happiness.

Parents can try to arrange their children to play with other children often.

  (3) Don’t spoil a child too much. It will lead them to think that the pursuit of material is the source of happiness.

  (4) Cultivate a wide range of happy and happy people to live a balanced life, so they can get happiness in many ways.

  (5) To teach a child’s perseverance as a parent, point out that any difficult situation will be turned on the line. If the situation can not be reversed through hard work, parents should help the child to find a way to comfort him.

Teach your children to do activities that calm their mood.

  (6) Building a happy and happy home One of the best ways to help children find lasting happiness is to live happily for parents themselves and explain to their children why they feel happy.