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The mysterious beach of Arcadia is full of indulgence


The mysterious beach of Arcadia is full of indulgence

The Palawan is located in the southwestern part of the Philippines, while El Nido is in the northern part of Palawan.

The Palawan Islands have many different ecosystems such as white sand beaches, palm groves, corals, a variety of fish and limestone cliffs, and the lagoons and “mysterious beaches” at sea make this an adventure, divingAnd a paradise for canoeing.

銆€銆€It takes 1 to fly directly from Manila to El Nido.

5 hours, then 45 minutes by boat, you can reach the Arcadia RESORT.

There is no TV on the island, the telephone signal is weak, it is completely connected to the world, the service is good, and it can be eaten.

The unique little beaches dotted around and the seas formed by boulders are beautiful.

In addition to the sun, the daily program is to go out to sea every day, go to different beaches and seas to dive, snorkel, fish, play canoes and caving.

I feel very relaxed and feel that I am in the same grade as the Maldives.

Coconut tree shadows, light sand and fine. Come to El Nido, of course, to see the most famous lagoon and “mysterious beach” here.

The so-called lagoon is actually a huge rock at sea. When the boat is driven into it, it is found that there is a hole in the sea and there is a sea in the sea.

From the vast sea outside, suddenly the whole world world paused, and when it was quiet, it was like entering a place with generations. The whole area only had the sound of a boat walking. If you canoe, it feels even more.strong.

The so-called “mysterious beaches” are those hidden in the middle of the boulder. Sometimes these beaches can only be dive in somewhere under the boulder. Surrounded by rocks, there are huge palm trees and white sand beaches in the middle.The people there are leading, and the outsiders simply can’t realize the beach in the stone.

I think these are the reasons why many travelers have to go out to sea every day to visit different lagoons and mysterious beaches.

銆€銆€El Nido is a small town facing the mountains and seas. It takes about an hour or so to walk around the main streets. The mountains that are carried can climb and overlook the panorama of the island.Guided services are available at many coffee shops at reasonable cost.

銆€銆€It turned out to be a small fishing village, walking in a narrow street, feeling very comfortable.

The streets are all about 3-4 meters wide, and the two sides are full of two-story houses.

All the way to find that the Filipinos are actually a very lively nation, the houses all have small gardens, planted with various names, colorful flowers, bright red, bright yellow, fresh purple, fresh blue, of course.What is indispensable is the green trees, which are all well-defined plants, which makes me very envious. I am thinking, it is also a good choice to support the elderly here.

In addition to the locals are tourists from different countries, some have just returned from the sea, allocating eye masks and frog claws for snorkeling; some sitting in the coffee shop in a daze, no one shouted, only occasionally three-wheeled motorcycles passing byThere will be a little motor sound, but it will soon return to calm.

銆€銆€In addition, there are a lot of dogs on the island of El Nido, and especially love to sleep on the street, it is really a “dog paradise.”

I saw all the dogs lying in the streets and alleys, and they were sleeping at any time and place.

I saw one thing. When the electric tricycles were only ten centimeters away from the dog, the dogs would get up and go to sleep in another position. If my baby is here, how good it should be.

銆€銆€The long island of Palawan is located in the southwestern part of the Philippines, and the main island is 1,959 km of irregular coastline, making it the best natural harbour.

El Nido is in the northern part of Palawan.
銆€銆€Unlike Boracay, which has many tourists, Palawan may be a bit strange to the people, but there are many different ecosystems, such as white sand beaches, palm trees, corals, various fish and limestone cliffs;There are also lagoons and “mysterious beaches” on the sea that make this a paradise for adventure, diving and canoeing.