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[Ice Cream Mooncake]_How to do_How to do

[Ice Cream Mooncake]_How to do_How to do

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival every year. At this time, moon cakes must be eaten. This is a custom that has been passed on for a long time, so moon cakes are a traditional food, so the changes in life now, and moon cakes are also traditionalA lot of changes have occurred on the basis. Ice cream moon cakes are some new moon cakes. Ice cream moon cakes have a high value and are particularly delicious. They are loved by many young people.

Ingredients: Dark chocolate 150, white chocolate 450 Method / steps Take off the rosette tea tip, and use the grinding function of the juicer to grind the petals into powder.

Use a clean gauze to filter out the large rose powder, leaving the rest to be used.

Ingredients are black and white chocolate, ice cream, jam for sandwiches, and jelly grinders for Sanneng.

Dissolve black (150g) and white (450g) chocolate in water.

The separated white chocolate is divided into 3 portions, one for rose powder and one for matcha tea.

A total of four chocolates are set aside.

Brush two layers of chocolate sauce on the grinder, just like applying nail polish, dry one layer and then one layer.

In a box that has been brushed with two layers of chocolate and solidified, inject half of the ice cream, and then make an appropriate amount of jam for filling.

Put the ice cream into the refrigerator for about 2 hours, and take it out after the ice cream has solidified.

After adding the jam, cover half of the ice cream. Don’t get too full, and add chocolate.

Use a spoon to cover the ice cream slowly from the side to the center to prevent spilling.

Nutritional value ice cream is a kind of food containing high-quality protein and high sugar and fat. It also contains amino acids and calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, chlorine, sulfur, iron, etc. It has the functions of regulating physiological functions and maintaining osmotic pressure and pH.

The data show that in accordance with international and national product standards, the general cream ice cream has the nutritional content of milk.

3 times, the digestibility in the human body reaches more than 95%, which is higher than that of meat and aunts.

Characteristic ice cream moon cake refers to a moon cake made with ice cream as filling, which belongs to West Point.

The filling of ice cream moon cake is only ice cream, mainly using milk, cream and other main ingredients.

Ice cream has a pleasant taste, delicate and smooth, cool and sweet, and a variety of colors, which can help the body to cool down and relieve heat, provide moisture, and also provide some nutrition for the body.