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Do not straighten the curve to increase the fat into fashion MM


Do not straighten the curve to increase the fat into fashion MM

Almost two months have passed since the end of Zhu’an’s work at the Kerry Centre. After a simple dinner, he will come to the fitness center to 鈥渆nrich the fat鈥?

When she met, she was doing the weight-bearing squats under the guidance of a personal trainer.

“I always hope that the old man can be full, and the back is full. Wearing trousers or dresses will look better and be more sexy. I used to wear a few underpants to achieve the desired effect.

(Laughs) “Zhu An laughs,” insisted for two months. It can’t be said that the effect is extremely obvious. It may be a psychological effect. I really feel that the muscle fibers are thick.

“Zu’an’s behavior made some people around him call “I don’t understand.”

The shoulders are long hair, the facial features are exquisite, and the slim body wrapped in the professional attire is invisible, but she is not enough to be perfect, and she has to go to the fitness center to 鈥渆nrich the fat鈥?

In the weight-increasing program, Zhu An needs to push the chest for aiming, the posterior neck press for the shoulder muscles, and the weight-bearing squats for the legs and head.

Zhuan’s personal trainer said that through muscle contraction and relaxation, blood circulation is strengthened, blood flow through the muscles increases, muscles gain more oxygen and nutrients, and muscle fibers become thicker.

銆€銆€Personal trainers specially said that although there are more and more women who want to “fit fat” in the fitness center, it should be pointed out that the weight gain program in fitness is only suitable for women who are simply thin.

Those who are 20% below the standard weight are weight loss.

Weight loss can be divided into simple weight loss and secondary weight loss (what is secondary weight loss).

Secondary wasting is caused by digestive diseases, while simple wasting is mainly due to loss of appetite, malabsorption, irregular life, lack of exercise and the body can not fully develop, or due to excessive fatigue and genetic factors, so that consumptionThe energy is greater than the energy taken.

When the girls grow out of the curve through exercise, they are not the meat, but the stronger and healthier muscles.

銆€銆€Zhu An said that in practice, fattening is actually more difficult than losing weight, but it is not the same thing that you want to be fat and want to lose weight.

“I have enough patience to wait for myself to be full.

Fengman makes women more confident. On October 18th, at 3:15 pm, the Huaihai Road Pacific Underwear Zone asked the reporter to hesitate in front of the underwear area. But when Xu Na picked it in the east, the reporter went away with a hard scalp.Go up.

Fortunately, Xu Na is very cheerful and quite fits the reporter’s question.

Xu Na said frankly that she joined the “slimming army” two years ago. The reality is that when other parts of the body have not yet had obvious movements, suddenly it is the first to lose weight. When the body is obviously thin, the top layerIt is already “taiping”, which once made itself quite lower.

In the days when the figure was “squatting”, buying underwear was a matter of saving too much. If you look at a certain style, you don’t have to try it. Just say the smallest number and buy it back to keep it safe.

銆€銆€Xu Na clearly remembers that a brand has a new style. When the salesperson said that this dress is 鈥渞ealistic鈥? it does not take into account the obvious 鈥渃ontempt鈥?in the salesperson’s words. Even the bra is expensive, and he decides immediately.Buy it.

But that kind of “realistic” is not a fact after all. “Speaking of it, it is really a day without confidence.

Later, with the encouragement of her boyfriend, Xu Na finally stopped losing weight. She believed that “natural is beautiful” and slowly returned to her previous days.

銆€銆€”As long as the body mentality is healthy, a little fat, and what is the relationship,” Xu Na laughed. “After this lap, I deeply understand that plump will make women more confident.
鈥?”Let’s go to bed and eat something, go to hell. Let’s go on October 17th at 10:30 pm Xintiandi Lemei 棰?Deng Yu realizes that the amount of wine is good. The small round table that has been faced has several empty beer bottles, and the same table is also on the table.The two girls, drinking wine, did not lick their lips, and the wine in the bottle was “significantly reduced” after a sip.

The small round table still has popcorn and chips.

Alcoholic beverages have always been a bogey in the body, which will directly lead to micro-absorption of the abdomen. The same is true of popcorn and French fries. Do you not know these crushes?

銆€銆€”Little belly is the symbol of a mature woman.” Deng Yu is the kind of language that is not surprisingly endless.

Deng Yu said frankly that when the “small belly” was unwittingly wrapped around her waist, she was also annoyed that this was a “detestable” sign that women entered a certain stage.

In order to get rid of it, Deng Hao has spent a lot of effort, sometimes doing sit-ups, trying to train him into muscles, but he often feels his back and back pain, “small belly” is still rock-solid, and it will take a long time.It is.
“But now the times are different. You haven’t found a lot of ‘sweet car beauty’ now have a small belly?

“A beautiful girl near Deng Yu is called “small belly” on his stomach as “private tires”. It seems to be very proud.

Deng Wei admitted that he has also insisted on many “body specifications”, such as not drinking alcoholic beverages, not drinking carbonated drinks, not eating ice cream, chocolate, puffed food, never eating five hours before going to bed, it is too hungry to eat only apples.and many more.

Once a member of the weight-loss army, as a sequel to the various “weight loss must follow diabetes”, Deng Wei is still backwards, but no longer insists.

“There are many reasons. The main reason is that it is not necessary. Now it is very good. People are not so beautiful, and her husband does not like it. Without so many constraints, people live happier!

“Why don’t you live freely, let you go to hell for five hours before going to bed, why not eat, why you want to eat.”

“Eating is an important part of life. At 7:00 pm on October 18th, a cafeteria in Shanghai Square is nearing the peak period, and there are many people waiting for the seat.
鈥?The reporter was looking for a beautiful woman, and the subconscious was still “conservative” to think that the beauty eventually led to the body material.

In fact, it is not difficult to find beauty in this area.銆€銆€It’s easy to find a crush on the signature dish 鈥淢ao Xuewang鈥?that is eating here.

There is no doubt that “Mao Xuewang” is a famous dish with a spicy taste. Spicy food will aggravate the appetite and lead directly to obesity.

What’s more, this crush still eats fiercely.

“Miss, are you afraid of getting fat?”

After the temporary introduction, the reporter asked directly.

“Get fat?

I still can’t ask for it!

The ribs beauty is no longer ‘walking’.

“The refreshing answer of the crush makes the reporter somewhat boring.”

銆€銆€The girl who worked in Hong Kong Square, she also used to keep her body slim and strictly controlled herself in the diet. In fact, she was the kind of person who liked to eat 鈥渟lightly swollen鈥?to feel comfortable.

After persisting for a long time, I finally want to wear it. Eating is also an important part of my life. If I am purely for the sake of my body, it is actually a painful thing to suppress my appetite.

After letting go of the hands and feet, I found out that I would only get fat a little bit.

銆€銆€”After I was fat, my colleagues praised me for being pretty, more beautiful, and I was more emboldened when I ate.

At the same time, the crush also outlines that there are fewer girlfriends who are going to lose weight all day long. Whoever insists on losing weight will be ruthlessly satirized by everyone.

“It’s not a bad thing to be a little fat. There is absolutely no need to insist on keeping it ‘thin’.