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Skin care needs a way to whiten but not fast_1

Skin care needs a way to whiten but not fast

Many people ignore skin care during the holidays.

After the holidays, you will find that your skin is still asleep in the dull and dull after the holidays.

Now even if you apply more skin care products, it doesn’t seem to have much effect.

If your skin is in a crisis of beauty, then you need to perfect skin care to save your skin. Let’s take a look at how to care for your skin after the holiday.

  It is understood that the gentleness of nursing care after the return of tourism should be blindly peeled off for whitening. It is understood that many people choose to go out to relax during the holidays, and mountain climbing, hiking, and hot springs are of course a healthy and healthy leisure way for spring holidays.

However, the intimate contact with the sun made the “face” unsatisfactory, so many women returned to travel to repair the whitening immediately.

  Experts suggest that the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin should not be neglected during the vacation, and the exposed skin should be protected according to the intensity of sunlight. The beauty and maintenance items in the back should be based on gentle care and should not be used excessively.Exfoliating and exfoliating products, so as not to make the sunburned skin more fragile.

  Therefore, it is recommended that everyone return to tourism and choose a beauty program depending on their own circumstances. For example, women who go to the beach to swim can not avoid sunburn even in spring. Some people may feel itchy skin and show red spots. This is a slight sunburn.Symptoms, starting from the different symptoms and characteristics of post-holiday skin to make targeted beauty care, can achieve more results with less effort.

  Post-holiday beauty should not be fast twice a week. Do not overdo it. Many women experience big fish, meat, wine, and stay up all night, and most of them feel that their skin is not as hydrated and delicate as usual.

Therefore, when a new round of work and life comes, most of them choose to free up one or two days for beauty and body care. Here we want to remind everyone that post-holiday beauty should not be “quick” to avoid the opposite.

  Sometimes, many MMs intensive skin care after the holidays, but as a result, a lot of acne on the face.

For this, expert analysis is that the maintenance of the beauty can be maintained twice a week, and it should not be excessive, otherwise it will cause a variety of skin problems.

In the spring, the room is still relatively dry, the ground is dusty, and the skin on the face is prone to lack of water and dryness. Pay attention to hydration care in maintenance. Holidays lead to differences in daily life due to tourism. Diet and sleep will be different from weekdays.Will put a certain burden on the skin.

  Therefore, it is recommended that everyone do not rush to achieve success in the beauty field. Do exfoliation and whitening treatments step by step. Give the skin too much nutrition and nourishment in one breath, just like eating too much food to the appetite, but it may reduce the absorption function.As a result, various problems arise.

Skin irritation and overreaction due to the absorption of large amounts of skin care products should be avoided.

  Post-Festival Care No. 1 Fingertip Beauty Method After the holiday season, previously neglected skin care made the skin dull and fine lines prominent?

It doesn’t matter, learn fingertip beauty, first aid fine lines and dry lines, make the skin crystal clear and elastic like peeling eggs.

Follow me together to learn.

  1. After cleansing, use the fingertips of your fingers to gently massage according to the texture of the skin. The force should be uniform. The focus is on the T zone, around the corners of the eyes, and the like, which can effectively promote facial blood circulation and reduce fine lines.

  2. Massage in a spiral shape towards the temples.

  3. Press on the temple for 3 seconds to reduce fatigue and promote sleep.

  Post-holiday care 2 promotes cycle health “White” comes out After the holidays, the skin is prone to dullness due to holiday fatigue, but as the saying goes, one hides all ugliness, in which women do n’t want to become Snow White, so when they return, there is a lot of whiteningThe care product is dispatched.

But you find that the skin is still dull, then you have to “re-start” whether it is caused by poor blood circulation and insufficient oxygen and nutrients in the blood after the holiday.

  1. To promote blood circulation of the skin, thereby increasing the heat and elasticity of the skin, it is better to try cold and hot water to wash your face alternately.

  2. Put the lotion in the refrigerator to refrigerate. When using the cotton pad dipped in the lotion, pat the face from the bottom up until it touches the cheek with your hand and feels cold.

  3. Rub the palm of your hand before applying the lotion to help the face absorb nutrients.

The lotion or moisturizer is evenly absorbed on the skin and placed on the palm to cover the entire face, so that the temperature of the facial skin rises, and the nutrients in the product completely penetrate into the skin.

  4. If there are fine lines on the corners of the eyes and mouth, you can use the method of applying vitamin E to eliminate them. Vitamin E can accelerate skin metabolism, promote blood circulation, and also improve skin elasticity.