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Chiropractic exercises perfect body shape

Chiropractic exercises perfect body shape

Spine Yoga: Vitality Yoga combines traditional Indian yoga techniques with Western sports. The exercise results in a strong and peaceful body.

The yoga family is growing stronger. American stars are practicing yoga with their personal trainers, and spine yoga, which is good for the human spine and posture, is a new member of the yoga family.

  The concept of yoga exercises comes from the oldest idea of life.

It was spread and practiced by Indian philosophers.

But they did not expect that this ancient way of contemplation from the Far East would become fashionable in the United States.

Of course, the vitality yoga, exposure to lega, and spinal yoga that has appeared in the gym has changed a lot, which boldly integrates the vitality advocated by Western sports.

The organic combination of classical yoga and western sports gives the exerciser a double cover of physiology.

  Chiropractic is a relatively gentle exercise method.

It can effectively strengthen the hip muscles, especially suitable for sitting in front of a computer all day.

The exerciser tightens and relaxes the hip muscles in turn with the gentle rhythm of the music. At the same time, he uses Chinese-style Dantian tuna and concentrated thoughts to relax the mind and body and save energy.

  Spine yoga exercises can greatly improve your body shape.

In addition, it can also prevent lumbar and cervical spine diseases in a targeted manner.

  The practice of spinal yoga: touch the ground with your left palm and bend your knee with your right leg.

Lift your right arm to the height of your ears, lift your left leg to be level with your hips, and hold this position for 10 breaths.

Then put it another way to practice.

Repeat 20 times.

During the entire exercise, the torso needs to remain tense to avoid tipping over.

  Breathing training: Lie on your back with your legs straight and close together, raising to a 45-degree angle with the ground.

Keep your arms parallel to your legs. Breathe in this position at least 5 times while subconsciously breathing deep into the abdomen.

Then lower your legs and repeat 10 times.

  Balance training: Two trainers expand side by side. Two of them hold their hands tightly and keep their body centered on the outside.

The two men simultaneously lifted their outer thighs and stretched from the back inwards until they hit each other’s feet.

  Balance points: The center of the body-the abdomen must be tightened.

Hold this position for at least 5 breaths.

  Note: Ideas must be highly focused throughout the exercise.

  Repeat 5 times, then the two exchange positions.

  Two-person training: Separate your legs, sit opposite to your partner, and touch your opponent’s feet with your two feet. Support your hands backwards.

Move your body forward slowly, resting your feet against each other’s feet.

Hold this position and breathe 7 times.

Repeat 5 times.