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Sit up and take a nap


Sit up and take a nap

Sedentary inactivity, the most prone to the long part is the lower abdomen, doing sit-ups can reduce the stomach, and many fitness centers have professional equipment to do sit-ups, even if you are in your own bed can complete this simple small exercise.

It is precisely a sedentary person who is very small and is not suitable for sit-ups.

銆€銆€Experts and professors said that people who are sedentary, especially those who use computers in the office, bend their lower abdomen for a long time, bow their necks, and their backs are like “lobsters”. They are bent for a long time and are most likely to damage the lumbar spine.

It’s no different from being young and strong.

However, after the middle age, the hormonal changes in the body condition deteriorate, the bone calcium content decreases, and the orthopedic pain will be highlighted.

銆€銆€Experts say that there is a principle in exercising less sports in normal times: when resting, some parts of the body are the shortest, and they exercise in the opposite direction.

This will not cause the tight parts to tighten for a long time and cause bones.

To give a simple example: If you always look at the TV to the left (the muscles on the left side of the neck are slack and the muscles on the right side are tight), it is suitable to turn to the right side of the head; those who have long bowed their heads (the neck is slack and the back of the head is nervous) should go toLooking back.

銆€銆€For those who are sedentary, the entire cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae are curved. The act of sit-ups is to hold the head with your hands, overcome the strength of the abdominal muscles, and bring the upper body up.

The overall movement bends the originally bent abdominal muscles, so that the originally intense cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae are once again tense, which is very unsuitable for sedentary people.

銆€銆€The most suitable sport for sedentary people is the “arch bridge” movement.

The main point of action is to face up, use your limbs to prop up your body and raise your hips.

It is a bit difficult to do the exercises at first, and I get used to it a few times. The “arch bridge” relaxes the cervical vertebrae and it will be particularly comfortable for several times.